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We all know that water is a necessity for life. And we have all seen the news reporting on floods, droughts and diseases caused by contaminated water. However, there are also great opportunities in the water field; for research and development and business ideas. Together with our partners, LU Open works to find new products and solutions to handle the challenge of using one of the most important resources in a sustainable way. Water is a necessity for life. But there are several challenges related to the water field, such as insufficient access to clean water, water contamination, floodings, droughts, international conflicts and even economic and political issues. Water has become a worldwide issue and is regarded as an important component of the Sustainable Development Goals that is expected to be adopted by the UN in September 2015. However, there are also great opportunities in the water field; for research and development and businesses in areas such as innovative treatment methods to provide clean and safe water, modelling for early warning and forecasting of flooding and droughts, integrated water resources management tools to solve transboundary water issues, optimization of industrial process and many more. Water is one of the most important resources in society - the challenge is to handle it in a sustainable way. Water is a field that involves many different actors, perspectives and challenges. It is an issue that goes into all different areas - it is a political, economical, industrial, chemical and geological issue. To find solutions to the challenges, cross-faculty and multidisciplinary cooperation is necessary. At LU Open, we work with the challenge to use water in a sustainable way in the projects Water Portal, WIN Marknad and WIN Nordic. The core in the projects are the multidisciplinary approach and the idea that new products and solutions are needed in order to secure a appropriate use of the resource.




The Water Portal is now established!

The Water Portal is a wide and comprehensive water research platform with the involvement of nine faculties at Lund University, each of them with a unique research strength in water research.



Waterportal gets international and royal recognition

Dr. Kaveh Madani from the Water portal run by LU Open gives popular TedX Talk about how to reduce Water footprint and Professor Hans Hanson receives royal medal for meritorious work on erosion problems.



20 Million SEK for new water solutions – a collaboration between research, industry and public sector

Vinnova has approved a 20 Million SEK UDI (challenge-driven innovation) application regarding “Condition assessment and management of piping systems” for the water sector. This is the second stage project for UDI starting in November 2015 and ending in December 2017.