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Peter Løvschall


Co-founder of two technology start-up's with on-hands experience with bootstrapping with no money – obtaining angle-, seed- and venture funding, building an international organization and in the end selling a company.

Asking questions comes naturally with my curiosity and I love interaction with people around me – weather being small talk or in-depth conversations. In the end it results in my core skill: Networking. I've discovered, that the simple joy of genuinely trying to help wherever I can, by opening up my network or knowledge, is often rewarded with the mutual gesture of opening opportunities to me.

Most of my accomplishments has been depending on making collaboration run smooth people of diverse background and skillsets and the: In my start-up's: Between sales departments and tech departments – and at my current position at University of Lund: Between researchers and external private/public stakeholders. Understanding the motivation and goals of all stakeholders of any project is essential in this regard.

My work as an entrepreneur has given me the ability to navigate in chaotic environments and over the years I've worked with various effective tools – including SCRUM – to prioritize tasks and product pipelines.

Being adaptive to ever changing conditions has been a fundamental parameter in my work life over the past 10 years and understanding and optimizing business models in accordance to market needs has been the backbone of my productions. Over the years, I've become very humble about understanding market dynamics in regard to product development and I strive to develop ideas by active engaging with customers using early prototypes. Fail fast – or validate and improve the idea in order to take it to the next level.

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