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Skåne/Tammerfors – innovation in cities and regions

The Skåne/Tammerfors - innovation in cities and regions project is a cooperative project between to innovative regions to find new development projects.

Tammerfors is one of the regions in Europe that at at the forefront regarding new solutions to challenges in society. This project is an effort to increase the collaboration between Tammerfors and Skåne, in order to find and start new common projects. The project is mainly focused towards transportation and smart lighting.

The City of Malmo is lead part in the project and LU Open is supporting the project with interregional initiatives in transportation and smart lighting.

Project Information

Full Name:
Skåne/Tammerfors - innovation i stad och region

2014-08-15 - 2015-12-31


LU Open Contact:
Patrik Rydén

Malmö Stad
Tampere University of Technology
Lunds Kommun
Lund University
Region Skåne
Baltic Institut
City of Tampere, Finland