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Responsible Ict Network

Responsible ICT Network aims at promoting socially responsible information and communication technologies through creating a community platform for discussion and sharing of best practice.

The European Commission calls for enterprises to take responsibility for their impact on society, which is important both for society at large and for the competitiveness of the enterprise itself. Responsible Ict Network focuses on the role of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and how it can work towards strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The objective with the project is to promote debate and coordination of CSR issues in the ICT sector, in order to encourage enterprises to promote responsible and sustainable behaviour.

Through online debate on a community platform, stakeholder meetings and publications – Responsible ICT Network brings together ideas, experiences and recommendations to help enterprises in the ICT sector understand the benefits of CSR and to support them in taking concrete steps towards an improved business model. The debate is organised around the themes people, planet and cross-cutting issues such as social innovation.

LU Open organised a meeting the 27-28 of May in Lund about the theme Planet. The goal was to develop common guidelines for environmental protection in the ICT sector before they can be applied, as well as discuss the existing standards and solutions that businesses and organizations use today. At the meeting, various stakeholders participated and offered insight into their CSR work, and got feedback from the project partners and other conference participants. Participants in the meeting were, among others, Government of Extremadura, CISE, Scottish Business in the Community, Kaunas University of Technology, Athens University of Economy and Business, Eindhoven, Citta Metropoliana, Imodev, LU Open, GePant and Mobile Heights.

LU Open is a partner in the projects and are responsible for the work package Planet.

Project Information

Full Name:
Responsible Ict Network

2014-02-01 - 2016-02-01

EU programme CIP ICT-PSP


LU Open Contact:
Peter Løvschall