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Paravital is a pre study that develops a system for patients to individually measure their vital signs (blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate) at home whereupon the data is sent to and analyzed by the health care.

Health care is facing major challenges in the coming years due to demographic changes, both locally and globally. One of the solutions to this challenge is to engage patients and give them the possibility to take greater responsibility for their own health.

Thus Paravital aims to increase people´s participation in the care process by providing an easy and safe way to measure and see their vital parameters, i.e. blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate. These data are then presented to the caregiver as part of the decision making necessary to assess the health status and create conditions for investigation, treatment and diagnosis at a distance.

Today, none of the solutions for patients to measure their own vital signs have been approved by the authorities due to the existing solutions not being trustworthy enough. Therefore, this project has taken on the challenge to create a secure and trusted solution. It is both a hardware and software project. The hardware is the instruments that measures the vital signs in a correct way and that is very user friendly. The software is the system analyzing the data from the measurement. An online platform will be created allowing different actors to analyze the result in the way they need. For example; a patient, a relative and a nurse need different information from the measurement and the online platform will allow this differentiation.

Paravital will give the caregiver more information about the patient and make this information available at a cheaper cost and in a more time-efficient way.

The role of LU Open is to coordinate the project.


Project Information

Full Name:

2015-08-01 - 2016-01-21

Total budget:
500 000 SEK


LU Open Contact:
Karin Johansson-Mex

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