Lund University

LUBIRC – Lund University Biobased Industry research center

LUBIRC is a Research Center at Lund University created with the aim to gather researchers working with biobased processes and products. The objectives are to develop new biobased processes and products, increase collaboration between research and the biobased industry and support and strengthen a sustainable biobased economy in Sweden.

An economy based on bioresources can contribute to the solution of global challenges regarding access to resources. LUBIRC works from the perspective that biobased production methods are the future and need to replace existing production methods based on fossil raw materials. The reason is that it is a more environmentally sustainable production method. The sustainability issue is twofold, biobased production will reduce the carbon emissions but is also an attempt to get products and production methods with as little toxic as possible. In the long term, it is also predicted that fossil raw material will become more expensive and the environmental requirements for the use will become more strict. This will increase the need for new production methods such as biobased.

By gathering world-leading researchers from Lund University, LUBIRC creates an arena for increased collaboration that aims to generate improved techniques and new innovative ideas. LUBIRC connects researcher with external partners such as industry with the goal that they can translate the results in a commercially and environmentally sustainable manner. LUBIRC also runs the biorefinery portal at Lund University that presents information about the research field and researchers at Lund University

On a monthly basis, LUBIRC arrange breakfast seminars with lectures about innovations in the field, challenges and possibilities. It is an opportunity to exchange views on important questions for strengthening the biobased economy and improve the collaboration between research groups.

LU Open drives the project as lead partner and facilitate the collaboration between researchers as well as external partners.