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LU Lock

LU Lock is an innovation procurement process that aims to develop a new and open source platform for the access control system of Lund University. The system shall enable for new products and services to be integrated and developed while at the same time give all different LU users possible access to all of the the facilities, thus creating a more efficient use of resources and localities.

With the present system, students and teachers at one faculty at Lund University can not access another faculty with their access card. There are a multitude of access control systems which hinders an efficient use of the facilities. The starting point of the project is to use the premises in a much more efficient way and open the space for more users, especially students at different faculties. In order to do this, LU Lock is an open-source project that develops an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) platform to connect all the different access control system with each other.

The platform will primarily solve the problem with physical access to premises through using a database of personal data, for example enabling students in certain courses to access their relevant classrooms. This database then pushes the information to the physical locks via a common web interface. At the same time the respective institutions will be able to monitor if the premises are actually used, and thereby optimize the usage of these.

In the next step, the system can be connected to access control systems in the Region of Skåne. Many students and teachers work within Region Skåne as part of their studies or work, and therefore needs access to different facilities. This could be facilitated via LU Lock. Also, the ambition is that once the challenge is solved at Lund University, the solution can be exported to other universities, institutions and public sector.

The role of LU Open is to coordinate the project.

Project Information

Full Name:
LU Lock

2014-12-16 - 2016-05-15

Total budget:
4 800 000 SEK



LU Open Contact:
Karin Johansson-Mex

Anders Borgström, Research Coordinator, Electrical and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering LTH

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