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LocateIT aims to develop a very precise and accurate system to monitor indoor position that will be used in the hospitals in Region Skåne. The purpose is to track equipment such as for example beds in order to improve the health care logistics within hospitals.

The costs of today’s health care increases significantly while at the same time the sensor-based technology reaches increasingly broad segments of society. There is a need and great potential for developed systems for indoor positioning that allows savings in health care through better governance and management of flows of equipment, technology and patients. However, it requires the possibility to locate sensors, mobile objects and individuals with more precise and context-aware parameters than possible so far.

Outdoor, systems like GPS work and meet the basic needs for positioning, but the needs of the healthcare sector, cannot currently be handled with GPS alone because of its limited accuracy and because of the lack of indoor coverage. With a GPS, you can measure in which building a person is, but not in which room or on which floor.

This project aims to produce systems for verified hardware and software based on models for acquisition and analysis of positioning data so that equipment, technology and patients, can be geographically located, defining not only the longitude and latitude, but also the vertical location. With an accurate system it will be possible to know exactly where in the hospital for example a bed is located.The aim is also to develop a system that knows if the equipment has been cleaned or not and if it is ready to use.

This provides more functional and precise localization systems that, in real-time, can track and locate users and objects. This will optimize the use of equipment and will save a substantial amount of money.

Karin Johansson-Mex from LU Open is the project coordinator of the project.

Project Information

Full Name:

2015-08-01 - 2016-01-21

Total budget:
500 000 SEK


LU Open Contact:
Karin Johansson-Mex

Kalle Åström, Professor, Mathematics, Faculty of Technology

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