Lund University

The Malmö Innovation Platform

The Malmö Innovation Platform gathers creative forces within academia, business and the municipality in order to create new solutions for development of “Miljonprogrammet” in Malmö Sydost. The key is to engage the citizens in the work to develop businesses and a sustainable social environment. Together with Malmö Högskola, LU Open hosts a project within the Malmö Innovation Platform about learning programming.

Malmö is facing social challenges such as segregation, unemployment and housing shortage. The Malmö Innovation Platform aims to use the renovation of the “Miljonprogram” as a driver of broader change in which socio-economic development and long-term environmental objectives are achieved while the business develops.

One challenge for Malmö Stad is segregation and newly arrived immigrants often meet barriers to integrate into society. Therefore, a project to teach programming to youngsters in “Miljonprogrammet”, has been launched, with aim to create a meaningful activity that will improve the opportunity of being integrated into society.

Project “FRAM” – teaching how to teach programming using Kojo

Together with Malmö högskola, LU Open have initiated a project where students from Lunds University have been taught how to teach programming to youngsters through the programming language KOJO.

The KOJO framework has been developed at Lund University by professor Björn Regnell at the department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering. The project is working to develop the programming skills of newly arrived immigrants in Rosengård with the NGO Somaliland as the key partner.

The project works with the following assumptions:

  • Voluntary organisations are interested in building internal capacity in programming that they can use to teach kids.
  • Talented individuals with capabilities of learning how to teach programming is present among newly arrived foreigners.
  • The Kojo programming tool is a good framework to:
    • Learn how to teach
    • Learn the fundamentals of computer programming
    • Learn Swedish
  • Engagement in meaningful activities improve the opportunity of being integrated into society.

Students from LU were trained to facilitate the teaching programmes under supervision of Björn Regnell. When they had learned the teaching programmes, the held courses with youngsters in the NGO Somaliland about learning how to teach programming. The result of the programme was that two of the students in the NGO Somaliland, learned programming so well that they held Kojo courses over the summer of 2015.

The role of LU Open is to facilitate the prototype for learning experience.