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Inclusive Business Co-creation Accelerator

Inclusive Business Co-creation Accelerator (IBCA) is about engaging and supporting organisations in creating or developing sustainable, new and inclusive business models with the base of the pyramid. The “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP) is the 4 billion individuals living on under $8 a day, and the purpose of the programme is to engage with this group to create economic opportunities at home and abroad.

Inclusive business is a business model that engage consumers, retailers, suppliers, or distributors from the so called “Base of the Pyramid” in the market. The core is to engage these people in the industry and to adapt products and concepts to the local market and the local needs. This enables business opportunities for both parties – the industry in for example Sweden as well as the people in the “Base of the Pyramid”. Inclusive business is therefore a model for creating a more equal market which can lead to poverty reduction.

Inclusive Business Sweden is the Swedish national centre for the advancement of inclusive business initiatives with the “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP) – the 4 billion individuals living on under $8 a day. It is a huge challenge to lift these 4 billion out of poverty and inclusive business is one method. These 4 billion people represent an immense economic opportunity, entrepreneurial capacity, untapped source of business growth and exciting opportunity for business to contribute to global development goals and poverty alleviation.

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Inclusive Business Sweden serves as a platform for creating awareness of inclusive business, facilitating collaboration between organisations, as well as for connecting and supporting organisations to create opportunities associated with the BoP.

The Inclusive Business Co-creation Accelerator (IBCA), is a collaboration between Inclusive Business Sweden, SP Technical Research Institute and LU Open. The programme seeks to work towards global ambitions in the 6 sectors identified considered to have great potential for Swedish capabilities to meet the needs of the BoP: agriculture and forestry, healthcare, energy, water and sanitation, ICT, and textiles and clothing. The vision is that by 2020, Swedish business is playing a leading role in addressing the global challenges of poverty – enhancing agricultural productivity, enabling access to energy, water, sanitation, healthcare and communications, improving environmental sustainability, and creating jobs both at home and abroad.

LU Open host the Inclusive Business Co-creation Accelerator which includes work on applications, coordination of projects and contribution with resource pools.