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Intelligent access program (Iap) Pilot

Iap Pilot is a project to test an Australian system for access control for large trucks. This system could enable the introduction of trucks with increased length and/or weight. High capacity transport could provide significant benefits in terms of increased efficiency, reduced demand for investments to increase capacity, lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

The heavy industry in Sweden in combination with a relatively large country in terms of geography one of the challenges is to provide sufficient transportation infrastructure. The EU standard for the length of trucks are 18 metres, but Sweden has a dispensation from the EU standard and 25.25 metres vehicle combinations are accepted. In order to reduce the number of trucks on the roads the Swedish Transport Administration are experimenting on longer and heavier trucks that might be a solution, so that fewer trucks can carry a bigger load. Every transport would be bigger, heavier and longer.

A change like this need to be implemented in a secure and controlled way. The project Iap Pilot is testing a system used in Australia. The high capacity trucks have a small gps unit installed that makes it possible for the transport administration to control the access for longer and heavier trucks. These trucks can only access certain roads during certain times and the Iap is a way to create access control and make sure that the truck only are driving where they are allowed.

The pilot project is testing the Australian system on different places in Sweden, for example on some trucks between Malmö and Gothenburg. The trucks only have access to the roads between 6 pm and 6 am. The Australian Transport Administration are helping to monitor the access control in the project.

LU Open coordinate the project