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Urban Magma

Many cities experience the same challenges when it comes to water/sewage, power and waste management. Urban Magma gathers information about the development needs for cities in Skåne. By joining forces it is possible to facilitate collaboration and common solutions to shared problems.

Increased urbanization and increased impact of climate change are two clear trends in the world. Cities are growing and facing tougher challenges. At the same time existing technical systems are becoming old and inefficient, requiring huge investments to cope with the task ahead. It is no longer enough to patch and mend, new solutions to tackle the problems are required. This is the point of departure for the project. Urban Magma has the vision that the south of Sweden should become an international leader in the development of products and services for technical supply systems in power, water/sewage and waste management solutions for cities.

The arena Urban Magma aims to attract foreign companies and investors to the Skåne region and create growth in green-tech companies. Urban Magma’s role is to collect information about the needs of cities. Local authorities, companies and academics are jointly defining the needs and when they are defined, companies are matched to these needs for product and service development. Urban Magma is organised into focus groups with stakeholders that are oriented towards a specific need. The current focus groups are oriented towards waste, power, heating technology, water/sewage, urban ecosystem services and industrial symbiosis.

Skåne is well positioned to succeed in creating an excellent environment for the development of new environmental technologies. Here are prominent research, a large proportion of environmental technology companies and several of Sweden’s most ambitious municipalities in the environmental field are situated/located here.

The role of LU Open is to be a partner of the project and to be a part of the process management group. A key role of LU Open is to provide the link to researchers at Lund University.

Stadsutvecklingsområdena Hyllie i Malmö, Brunnshög i Lund, H+ i Helsingborg och Vilans strandängar i Kristianstad fungerar som motorer med sina ambitiösa hållbarhetsmål. Där kan innovationer både testas och genomföras.

Project Information

Full Name:
Urban Magma

2013-07-01 - 2015-06-30

Total budget:
180 000 SEK

Participants in the focus groups


LU Open Contact:
Josefin Ahlqvist

Kenneth M. Persson, Division of Water Resources Engineering at Faculty of Engineering, Lund University