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The LU Open-project with Evonik Industries is a research project with the aim to develop a biobased production process. Together with German based Evonik Industries - one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies - Lund University has taken on the challenge of discovering an alternative to fossil based production.

Biobased production is gaining more and more attraction as a replacer for production based on fossil raw materials. One reason is that industry seek a sustainable production system that does not deplete raw materials. Biobased materials that are renewable create a balance in the carbon emission and outtake. Also, well-designed bioprocesses uses no toxic chemicals, saves energy and is anticipated to be more economical while prices of fossil raw materials goes up.

Evonik Industries – one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies – has turned to Lund University for help to develop a biobased production method. Lund University is among the world leaders in research about biobased products and processes and is therefore a natural partner for Evonik Industries.

The Evonik project is a part of LUBIRC and the role of LU Open is to facilitate the work.

Project Information

Full Name:

2015-04-15 - 2016-04-15

Total budget:
1 000 000 SEK

Evonik Industries

LU Open Contact:
Josefin Ahlqvist

Rajni Hatti-Kaul , Department of Biotechnology

Evonik Industries