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ENIGMA is a joint Pre-Commercial Procurement project aiming to procure development of new lighting solutions and that enable radical improvements for urban safety, ambience and energy efficiency. Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is aiming for procurement of research and development of new innovative solutions before they are commercially available.

The project is a collaboration between the municipalities of Eindhoven (Netherlands), Malmo (Sweden), Stavanger (Norway), Espoo (Finland) and Bassano del Grappa (Italy).The aim of the project is to find new public lighting solutions that increase citizen safety, reduce costs, encourage social activities, optimise mobility and enhance the cultural value of the urban setting. Through a Pre-Commercial Procurement process, local authorities hope to get new solutions using the next generation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications in the context of public lighting systems. The city of Eindhoven acts as the main procuring authority as a representative for all the five partner municipalities’ requirements.

Pre-commercial procurement is a special purchasing method that can be used when the services or products that are needed do not exist yet. It starts with a vision and takes a starting point in clarification of the needs the required service or product should respond to, afterwards allowing businesses to compete to provide a solution. PCP usually follows a step approach, where companies initially apply with ideas to an open call; subsequently, they must develop proposed solutions, prototypes and a small batch of products that will allow the purchasing authority to select the most promising ideas that respond to their needs. The ENIGMA project is aiming to follow the scheme below.




LU Open is supporting the cities clarification of a common, renewal oriented and realistic goal for the development and its translation into a call for tender.