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ConceptX is an open innovation process where 20-40 students from multiple disciplines solves challenges defined by a company, a public institution or other external stakeholder.

The challenge is typically running over one week and it is planned and executed in close collaboration with external stakeholder in order to ensure viability of the concepts generated.

As a student, ConceptX is your opportunity to put your theories at work, build a network with external stakeholders and students across faculties AND to make an impact! For external stakeholders, ConceptX is an opportunity to work with the brightest of “Generation Y” in a well structured process with objective: To get new innovative input on your the development of your business and services in a new fragmented world.

A proven concept

Student Innovation Center has been running five ConceptX processes over the past years with partners such as Trafikverket, Ikano Bostad and Öresundskomiteen and we constantly work to improve the formula in order to ensure both a smooth and beneficial experience for the students and a valuable result for the stakeholder participating in ConceptX.


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Future of Biking – Øresundskomiteen /Öresund Smart City Hub
October 10-11 2014Challenge: to develop new concepts to get more people use bicycles and make it easier for cities to implement new biking solutions by using IT- services and products.40 ParticipantsDownload Report
Future of Transportation – TrafikverketNovember 14-15 2014Challenge: Development of new innovations within the area of transportation.37 participantsDownload Report Future of Living – IKANO BostadApril 18 – 25 2015Challenge: To help IKANO Bostad better understand the demands of the future living.20 participants

Development of future business models or services is becoming more complex due to the velocity of technological evolutions and discoveries. The digital society has led these changes resulting in new disruptive technologies making existing products and services irrelevant to in just a few years.

Open innovation is one of the methods of meeting the demands for a fast development process. When running ConceptX, we recruited students from all universities of Southern Sweden – focusing on the faculties relevant to your business. You can expect, that students signing up for ConceptX will have a special interest in your challenge which makes it an obvious platform for recruitment of you future employees.


Value to students: Meet like minds. Build a network. Make an impact!

Opportunities don’t just happen. You create them. Engaging with ConceptX is your opportunity to put your theories at work work.

Trafikverket – Quote

Project Information

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150 000 SEK


LU Open Contact:
Peter Løvschall

Öresund Smart City Hub
IKANO Bostad

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ÖSCH – Future of Biking

Trafikverket – Future of Transportation