Lund University

Assessment and Asset Management of Pipelines

The project Statusbedöming och förvaltning av ledningsnät (Assessment and Asset Management of Pipelines) will develop a method to check and repair water, sewage and heating pipes in the ground without digging them up. Shaft-free methods and technical solutions will save money and avoid disruptions and downtime.

Today, there are almost no opportunities to control the status, examine and repair pipes without digging them up with huge costs, disruptions and downtime as a result. New methods and solutions are therefore demanded in Sweden and globally to save money and create a more efficient system. The aim of the project is to develop such a method that can assess the status of the pipes while still in the ground. It involves both a technical solution and a management system to analyze the data.

The project is conducted in collaboration between researchers, municipalities, industry (water, sewage and heating companies) and innovative small companies and is scheduled to be performed in three phases. In phase one, the needs and possible solutions will be identified; in phase two, new technical solutions and methods will be developed and tested and in phase three, the first installations will be made to verify that the solutions and methods work.

Since the pipe owners are involved in the project, it is possible to use the existing facilities to test possible solutions.