Lund University

Accelerating Cross-border Engagement (ACE)

ACE is about helping start-up companies and SMEs in the ICT- sector to expand into international markets. By being a part of the ACE-programme, companies get custom-made support and mentoring to accelerate their move into new markets.  

ICT companies have great potential to operate on an international level, since their products does not know borders. The Acceleration Cross-border Engagement programme can be the engine that accelerate the expansion to international markets by facilitating the connection to partners, clients and financing. Every start-up company in the programme get a mentor from their own country assigned to them. The mentor will guide the company through the overall ACE programme, develop an individual internationalisation action plan and put an internationalisation support team and package of support measures in place for them.

LU Open is a partner in the project and promotes the program nationally, mentor Swedish companies and support our partner’s companies with access to the Swedish market.