Lund University

SEK 2.4M for LU Lock – An open source based digital lock system

Lund University and LU Open has received SEK 2.4 million from Vinnova to implement an innovation procurement process with the goal to develop an open source-based solution for a lock and key card system that can be used by multiple public institutions.

LuLock is done in close collaboration with the municipality of Lomma, Skåne Region and the research institute MAPCI.

The new solution will offer an open source-based locking and access control system and in a larger perspective it can be seen seen as an important element in the creation of a 24/7 society, i.e. offer

accessibility in public spaces year round, around the clock in order to streamline and maximize the potential benefit of premises and general resources.

The new architecture will primarily solve the problem with physical access to premises through using a database of personal data – ie enabling students in certain courses to access their relevant classrooms. This database then pushes the information to the physical locks via a common web interface.

At the same time the respective institutions will be able to monitor if the premises are actually used, and thereby optimize the usage of these. By having a common interface across the institutions using the system, training of administrators will be streamlined.

Requests from users who want access a specific facility will be easier since the access request always will be sent to the relevant person through a common web interface.

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