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UN Climate Change Conference – how is it related to LU Open?

This Monday, the 30th of November, Head of States from all around the world inaugurated The United Nations Climate Conference. Many describe the meeting as the last chance to take the decisions needed to stop the alarming development for our planet and control the increase in temperature to 2 degrees Celsius. What does LU Open […]


ProLab is open!

It’s November 11th, 5 pm, and the arena is already crowded of people, the air smells creativity and curiosity. It is time to open ProLab!


Status of LU Open

The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Collaboration and Innovation at Lund University, Bo Ahrén, presented his investigation regarding the section Research, External Engagement and Innovation on the 15th of October. The investigation contains, among other things, a proposal for a decision to phase-out LU Open. Next step  is the Works Council Consultation before a final decision regarding LU Open […]


Makerspaces viewed through the eyes of a Political Science student

When I started working at LU Open five months ago, I had never heard of FabLabs, makerspaces or MIT Media Lab. The word “innovation” was a buzz word that I associated with sleazy entrepreneurs and definitely not with myself as a student of Political Science and Global Studies. Five months later, I am back from […]


Photo story No. #1 from Boston –  Artisan’s Asylum

On October 22nd, LU Open visited Artisan’s Asylum – a non-profit community fabrication center located in Sommerville 20 minutes north of Boston.


20 Million SEK for new water solutions – a collaboration between research, industry and public sector

Vinnova has approved a 20 Million SEK UDI (challenge-driven innovation) application regarding “Condition assessment and management of piping systems” for the water sector. This is the second stage project for UDI starting in November 2015 and ending in December 2017.


Goodbye Black Pearl – Hello ProLab

On November 11th 2015, Black Pearl will initiate a week long process of transforming into ProLab – a new interdisciplinary arena for prototyping located at Sölvegatan 18 in Lund.


Vinnova grant for LU Open to create the makerspace ProLab

LU Open has been granted 500 000 SEK for the project Prospect ProLab from the Vinnova call Makers Spring 2015. The project is an initiative to create an advanced makerspace for development of ideas, concepts and prototypes contributing to the solution of the Grand Challenges.


Division review: Research, External Engagement and Innovation (FSI) at Lund University

Recently, Pro Vice-Chancellor Bo Ahrén at the request of Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz has conducted a review of the Section for Research, External Engagement and Innovation at Lund University. On October 15, Bo Ahrén presented the results of the evaluation to the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council.